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What is Aceler@tech?

Aceler@Tech is an Open Innovation program organized by Unlimit, in partnership with Tourism of Portugal. The aim is to accelerate innovation in the tourism sector in Portugal, by connecting the companies operating in the industry with disruptive startups from all over the world. The goal is to identify mature and innovative tech solutions to support companies in solving their key challenges and address the strategic areas, while opening sales for startups to generate new business opportunities.

Why should I apply to Aceler@Tech?

Get access to potential clients and partners, and to a network of investors. This program is a chance to start making sales in Portugal, by partnering with established companies or getting them as your customers. Also, get insights from mentors knowledgeable about the Travel & Tourism industry As it is designed specifically for Travel Tech and startups will be roughly at the same stage, it will also be a chance to get to know similar companies as you and share experiences. Startups are invited to come to Lisbon for the Demo Day and to meet potential clients and close sales, with support for covering expenses. Each startup will get their costs covered in: 600€ to buy a ticket to Portugal (1 person per startup), 40€ covering hotel expenses for each night and 30€ per diem, for a total period of up to 10 straight days. The total amount covered is up to 1.090 € for each startup.

Who are you looking for?

Startups established for +1 year and less than 10 years Travel & Tourism Tech Startups From all over the world Ready to run pilots and/or scale sales Startups interested to make sales in Portugal & Europe

Do I have to go to Portugal to participate in the program?

No, the program will run remotely. Only the final Demo Day, on February 22nd, 2024, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.

Do we have to pay to participate in the program? Do you take any equity?

The program is free of charge or equity.

What is the timeline of the program?

Applications: June 12th to September 15th; Forming the Batch: September 11th to October 20th; Learn & Connect: October 30th to January 26th 2024 Pre-Demo Day (remote for the 20 participant startups): February 7th and 8th Demo Day (in Lisbon, only for selected 3 finalists): February 22nd, 2024

What do the 3 finalists win?

Each startup will get one year of physical incubation at our offices in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, support in your internationalization process to Portugal (for the startups from outside of Portugal), PR support in developing a content plan for promoting your solution in Portugal; and perks offered by our partners.

What are Aceler@Tech’s thematic areas of focus? 

Experience Tourism, Enhanced tourism Journey, Open to Digital Nomads, Exploring Strategic Horizons and Sustainable Tourism. Experience Tourism Improving customers’ experience and satisfaction: Aggregate the interface of relationships between the different service providers Make available new payment methods for complementary offers Use immersive technologies that create a competitive differentiation in the tourism experiences offered Enhanced tourism Journey Optimize the integration and communication between tourism agents from different sectors within the tourism industry: Create tourism offers that take into account the customer journey Offer new low-friction booking solutions Develop a range of financial solutions along the tourist journey Facilitate the integration of different agents on backoffice systems Open to Digital Nomads Creating tourist journeys that take into account the specificities of digital nomads: Promote and facilitate the involvement of digital nomads in the local culture Develop tourist offers that take into account longer stays Create workspaces and complementary activities in tourist environments Exploring Strategic Horizons Reducing the impact of seasonality and geographic concentration, and developing sectors of differentiation in Portugal: Direct tourists to the seasons and places with less demand currently Develop differentiating value propositions for strategic sectors of the Portuguese economy, such as: wine, gastronomy, sea, sporting events, among others Sustainable Tourism Reduce the environmental impact of the activities of the tourism sector: Optimize water and energy resources in tourism activities Reduce the sector's carbon footprint Efficiently use clean technologies such as cleantechs and blockchain to enable the traceability of tourism resources and activities

Why is it a good idea to come to Portugal?

Portugal is hot for Tourism. Every year we are winning awards in the World Travel Awards, we are considered the most welcoming country for expats, we have a very welcoming atmosphere and we are a gateway for the rest of Europe in case you are from outside of Portugal. Additionally, Portugal is one of the most thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe. We host WebSummit, the most important Tech Conference in the World, we have now 7 Unicorns and counting, and we have programs to support entrepreneurs like the Startup Visa and the Tech Visa.

How do I get the reimbursement for the trip to the Demo Day in Lisbon, Portugal?

Participant startups will get expense support to cover their costs in attending the Demo day in Lisbon and to meet with potential clients. Amounting up to 1090€ for 1 person per startup, this support includes: up to 600€ for a flight ticket to Portugal, up to 40€ per night in a hotel, and up to 30€ per diem  This payment is dependent on sending proof of the participation on the Demo Day and the conducted meetings with potential clients and partners. The reimbursement is applied for the day of the Demo Day and the working days with meeting with potential clients, except for the Demo Day, for a total period of up to 10 straight days. ​Invoices must contain Acredita Portugal’s company details: Company Name: Acredita Portugal; VAT: 508664144; Address: VAT: 508664144, Rua Diogo Cassels, no121 loja 12, 4430-076 Vila Nova de Gaia

How welcoming is the startup ecosystem in Portugal? Is it an issue to set up a company in Portugal without knowing the language?

Portugal is very welcoming for international people. Most Portuguese speak in English, especially in the startup world and tourism sector. Some authorities' forms are in Portuguese, but there are many entities that can help you. You can also certify documents in both languages, not only in portuguese and it is acceptable. Most companies don’t have any problems with the language barrier.

Who is Unlimit and what experience do you have?

Previously known as Acredita Portugal, Unlimit has already 15 years of experience in the portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem. As organizer of what was the biggest entrepreneurial contest in Portugal, and 2nd biggest in the world, Unlimit has already supported the development of more than 100000 new business ideas. Currently organizing the 3rd edition of Aceler@Tech, we leverage a wide range of partners in the travel and tourism industry, as well as a wide network of investors. We have also learned from our previous experience and feedback to organize the most valuable program for you.

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